Senior Spotlight: Sarah Boyles

Our next Senior Highlight is Sarah Boyles!!!

One word to describe Sarah is SWEETHEART! She is the kindest, most inclusive, caring, compassionate, and joyful person you will ever meet! Sarah greets everyone with a hug and is adored by everyone that meets her. She is such a loyal friend and is so good at comforting those who are having a rough time. Sarah always texts me encouraging and sweet texts such as, “You are beautiful” and “I miss you, Caitlin!”. Her confidence and joy are contagious in the best way possible, and she is kind to everyone, whether she knows them or not.

One of my favorite memories of Sarah is when she comforted one of our friends at lunch when she was struggling. Our friend was crying and Sarah went to her and gave her the biggest and sweetest hug ever. This kindness made my day and is such a great representation of the excellent character of those with special needs.

Sarah never lets her Down Syndrome get in the way of her dreams. She is very involved in her school, and she does many extracurricular activities. One of Sarah’s most beloved activities that she does is dancing. Sarah competes all across the country for dance and is very talented! She also participated in the Plano West Senior High School choir all four years of high school. In addition, Sarah was a member of the Plano West Smiles Cheerleading team!

Sarah graduated this past Friday and has a VERY bright future ahead of her! Sarah, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Stay sweet, stay joyful, and stay you!! I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful things to come in your future!

Be Kind,



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